Call girl code as a seal of quality to ensure uniform quality standards

All escort ladies work highly professionally according to uniform quality standards through our unique “Call Girl Code”

In order to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction, all our exclusive high-class escort ladies work according to uniform quality standards. We have laid down these standards in our “Callgirlz Code”. All escorts who advertise with us have agreed to the following guiding principles and can identify with our philosophy. We are very pleased about this – and so are our customers.

Discretion, honesty and trust

This is the basis for successful cooperation. We work discreetly, honestly and give our clients and escort ladies a high level of trust. Our girls are aware of the sensitivity of the work they do and act accordingly. All escorts pursue the common, primary goal of making the customer happy.

Professionalism & reliability

Our clients can rely 100% on our call girls. We expect the highest level of professionalism and absolute reliability from our companion in terms of travel planning, punctuality, adherence to schedules, precise and direct customer communication and compliance with agreed arrangements.

Response times & availability

Interested customers need to know whether our escort ladies are available for bookings on the desired date. As booking inquiries are often received at very short notice, a fast response time is required. Upon successful delivery of a non-binding booking request, the escort will contact the customer as soon as possible. When communicating with us internally, it is also important that our escort girls get back to you promptly or are available for a telephone call. This is the only way we are able to respond quickly and reliably to customer inquiries, even at short notice.

Public ratings

Every customer has the opportunity to leave a review for their companion directly via her profile, which is published anonymously without exception. We are very grateful for every constructive evaluation – even if it is unsatisfactory – because they are the basis for our sustained high quality standards. As part of our continuous improvement process, these are analyzed and, if necessary, used as examples for information purposes for our companion.

Transparent and understandable pricing

We stand for absolute price transparency. So that you can estimate exactly how much you will have to spend for an unforgettable experience with your escort lady. The expected costs are broken down into the booking fee for the companion, the associated travel costs for flights, trains or hotels and the costs on site such as food and drinks or planned events. The individual booking fee is determined by each escort lady personally in her profile. The travel costs depend on the distance from the current location (e.g. Berlin) to the desired booking location. Google Maps is used to calculate the distance. Travel costs within a 25km radius of the companion’s current location are included. As a rule, 50 cents per kilometer are charged for distances of 25 km or more. For longer trips by air within Germany, Europe or beyond, the exact travel costs actually incurred will be reimbursed. However, many escorts charge an additional travel fee in such cases due to the long journey. For longer trips, ask your call girl in person what additional costs you can expect.

Individual booking criteria

All escort ladies have the possibility to define individual booking criteria in their profile. This gives you a certain choice of personal degrees of freedom and you still know clearly and quickly what you can and cannot expect. Frequently selected criteria include, for example, the request for reimbursement of travel expenses or the receipt of a picture of the client before the planned meeting. However, it is also quite common to specify a minimum booking period, the request for an advance payment as booking confirmation or the specification of a travel fee for longer journeys. For example, one or the other companion has often experienced planned appointments being canceled by the customer at short notice, leaving them with the costs. Booking criteria such as a public holiday surcharge are rather rare.

Prostitution Protection Act

In Germany, offering sexual services (“sweet time”) falls under the Prostitution Protection Act. This means, among other things, that every provider, in our case every escort lady, must register with the responsible health authority before starting work(on the Prostitution Protection Act). If you do not comply with this obligation to register, you could face a fine of up to €1,000. The obligation to use condoms is also very important. The law strictly prohibits the offer and performance of unprotected sexual intercourse. Outside of Germany, the national laws at the location or the “escort date” must be observed. Prostitution is currently banned in France, for example.

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