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Becoming a successful escort girl is quite simple in principle. At least that’s what you would generally think. Looking good, being able to listen, having eloquent manners and embodying class are the basic requirements of every escort lady who wants to work successfully as a companion.

But a top call girl for men must have other skills. For example, she must be able to focus 100% on the customer on an agreed date, regardless of her current emotional state, and satisfy them emotionally and physically. It is also possible that the physical beauty ideals of the escort lady do not fully match the visual appearance of the gentleman. A good call girl is a professional and can handle this without any problems.

She knows how to carry on exciting conversations and tell funny stories that match the areas of interest of the escort clients. When designing and selecting suitable escort girls, we took into account all customer requirements for successful call girls for men.

If you think you have what it takes to become an escort lady, simply complete the call girl self-test and send us the casting form. In 4 easy-to-understand steps, you will find out exactly what we expect from you to be able to accept you into the illustrious circle of companions for men.

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No, definitely not. The man’s satisfaction must be very important to you. Honest, authentic and because you take great pleasure in making a gentleman who wants to book you happy.

No. In order to create a profile with us, you must meet certain basic personal requirements and accept our “Callgirlz Code” in full. In this way, we ensure that our customers can expect the highest quality from our companions and, for the first time, set uniform standards for the entire industry.

You must be seriously concerned about the man’s happiness. Honest, authentic and because you take great pleasure in making a gentleman who wants to book you happy. We also expect our companion to fulfill the following basic personal requirements as a basis for successful cooperation:

  • Natural attraction to men as well as stylistically confident interaction with men
  • Healthy values & human maturity (e.g. discretion, respectful treatment of others)
  • Good empathy and communication skills (e.g. being empathetic, radiating lightness and joy, good conflict management)
  • Well-groomed, attractive appearance and good manners (e.g. courteous manner)
  • Knowledge of the dangers of this profession (e.g. stalking, appointment cancellations)
  • Health – you must not have any infectious diseases (current HIV test and willingness to provide a current health certificate if necessary)

With we have to fulfill a 100% reliable (service) promise to our customers. To this end, we have defined central principles to ensure sustainable quality standards in our “Callgirlz Code of Conduct”. We and ALL the girls who advertise with us work according to this. As part of the casting process, you will be asked to accept this code in full and to work in accordance with it. You can find out more about this under “Becoming an escort girl”.

We make sure that your online profile is found by interested customers! It sounds simple, but it’s not. We make enormous marketing efforts with regard to search engine optimization, advertising campaigns, affiliate marketing, etc. With the orientation of the platform and the escort selection, we exclusively address gentlemen who place particular value on quality. The result is a high number of visitors from the right customer group.

With us, you no longer need your own website as a call girl or escort companion and you don’t have to budget for your own advertising costs. You will receive qualified booking requests directly to your e-mail address. You can find further advantages and prices in our“Become an escort girl” section.

Well, you can’t give a blanket answer to that. We make sure that your profile is found by customers. However, the tastes of the lady are very different. The number of inquiries depends largely on the persuasiveness of your profile. Your voice intro, for example, is extremely important to authentically and emotionally reveal the likeability of your personality to a prospective customer. We also offer every escort lady the chance to create a video presentation for advertising purposes. Your “visual qualities”, your home base and your range of services are further decisive parameters that determine the number of inquiries. Our general rule is: quality over quantity!

Our tip: Raise your individual potential and create a top profile! Beautiful pictures, a sympathetic text, a voice intro and a video to introduce yourself help enormously!

Casting & Membership

We are delighted that you would like to become part of our exclusive team. The demand is high, but only very few escort girls are suitable for this job. To be able to create a profile with us, you must meet certain basic personal requirements, accept our “Callgirlz Code” and send us a completed casting form, including a letter of acceptance, in the first step. of meaningful pictures. You can find out more about this under “ Becoming anescort girl”.

Yes, this is possible, but we kindly ask you to forward them as soon as possible, as these media have been proven to significantly increase customer interest in booking.

Immediately after submitting the casting form, you will receive an e-mail from us as confirmation of receipt. In it, we ask you to reserve your preferred date for the following casting interview via our scheduling tool. Your reservation is considered a confirmation. Please make a note of the date and we will call you at the agreed time. The conversation will take place via video call using your preferred video call tool. If, contrary to expectations, we are not convinced by you and your application, we will also contact you immediately at the e-mail address you provided before the casting interview.

The aim of the personal casting interview is to make a final assessment of whether your intellectual and visual qualities match the high and complex requirements of our clients. The standardized interview will take place via video call and will take around 15 minutes of your time. We do not disclose any further details about the course of the meeting. But don’t worry, you don’t need to prepare for it.

It will take about 15 minutes to complete. To be on the safe side, save the data you have entered personally in case it has been deleted from the form, e.g. by accidentally clicking on the “Back” button before submitting.

Following the casting interview, we will inform you immediately about the decision as to whether we can accept you into our team or, for example, only under “conditions”. This may mean, for example, that we would very much like to include you in our team, but your image material does not meet the quality standards of our customers. Then you would have to fulfill this requirement first so that we can create your profile.

If you receive positive feedback, we would be delighted to have you with us. Exciting and lucrative times await you, that much we can assure you in advance. As soon as your profile is online, you will receive an e-mail from us with all the important information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

High-quality images are THE most important thing to make your profile successful. Without good pictures, you won’t realize the full potential of your profile and may not be booked often. That’s why we work with professional photographers and have negotiated very good conditions for you. So if you need professional pictures, we will be happy to help you.

Your advertising costs

Yes, we take our time for you and put a lot of effort into creating a perfect escort girl profile for you. We charge a fee for this after the casting interview.

The following services are included in the admission fee:

  • Initial meeting with a professional escort incl. Potential analysis (casting interview approx. 15 min.)
  • Escortgirl profile optimization (e.g. text optimization, image cropping, pixelation)
  • Voice and video intro for profile enhancement (incl. optimization of image & sound, video editing, etc.)

Payment is made after the casting interview. If it turns out in the casting interview that we cannot accept you, no payment is of course due.

Here you will find all information about the prizes and the application process.

Our offer for escort girls:

  1. “All-inclusive” advertising rate: Your profile, the receipt of booking requests and an unlimited number of bookings are included in this rate.

You can find more information about advertising costs here

Escort girl fee and payment

You alone choose your prices so that you are satisfied. In addition, the prices should be reasonably consistent with the overall offer of the other call girls.

You will receive the fee in cash in an envelope at the beginning of the date. If your customers do not pay attention to this, use your charm to point it out to them in a friendly manner at the beginning of the date.

As an escort, you are free to request a deposit. If you wish to do so, you must announce this in advance in the individual booking rules in your profile.

Availability & Booking

When sending a booking request, your customer already selects a non-binding preferred date. If the gentleman has other dates to choose from, this is no problem at all. Appointments are arranged easily and personally between you and the customer.

But yes, definitely. There are no obligations to fulfill incoming requests. A contract between you and the customer only comes into existence when you expressly confirm the booking. For example, if a customer does not accept your individual booking rules, you can cancel at any time.

Yes, definitely. As part of the individual booking rules in your profile, you can select that you absolutely want to have a picture of the customer before a booking can be confirmed by you.

It is only legitimate to request reimbursement of travel costs for bookings outside your current location (including a 5 km radius). Please ensure that the travel costs are passed on 1:1 and that you clarify the amount and method of reimbursement with your customer in advance. This prevents misunderstandings. If you would like to waive the reimbursement of travel expenses, you are of course free to decide. You are your boss.

First of all, you should think of a good reason and put a lot of effort into communicating with your customer. He was probably really looking forward to the date with you and is very disappointed. It is also always advisable to offer the prospect of an alternative date. If you have already received a deposit for your fee or travel expenses, you will of course transfer this amount back to the client immediately.

This can certainly happen, so you react with understanding and make an alternative appointment. If you cancel up to 48 hours before the date, your customer will receive a direct refund of their deposit (minus any cancellation costs incurred, e.g. for booked train tickets).


The customer has already specified a non-binding preferred date when sending the booking request. If he has other dates to choose from, this is no problem at all. Appointments are arranged easily and personally between you and the customer.

No. The Lord may ask you anything He has on His heart. If you don’t want to answer a question or two, you will certainly let your customer know in a very sympathetic way.

Yes, absolutely! Every customer has the opportunity to leave you a review directly via your profile. All reviews are published anonymously and help you to make your profile successful. It is best to inform the customer in a friendly manner when you say goodbye. In the event of any negative reviews, a solution acceptable to all parties will be defined after personal consultation with you.

If the customer is(demonstrably) not satisfied with your service, he is entitled to reimbursement of an appropriate proportion of your fee less the travel expenses incurred by you. In such a case, reimbursement MUST be made by you on the spot and in the course of eliminating the conflict of claims.

Discretion, security and legal matters

We place the highest value on discretion and the protection of customer data. We also expect you to handle your customers’ data with the utmost sensitivity. You communicate directly with your customers without our intervention. Make sure that customer data is never passed on to third parties and is not stored for longer than necessary to fulfill your service.

Every escort lady confirms at the casting that she has no infectious diseases. In addition, the existence of a current health test and a current AIDS test is confirmed. As a call girl, you must be aware of your great responsibility and take the issue extremely seriously.

The use of condoms is obligatory and absolutely mandatory. Non-compliance will result in exclusion from this portal. As an escort, you always have enough suitable specimens in your luggage.

Yes, all escorts listed on this platform are 100% self-determined and legally independent. Please note that you should register with a public health department and public order office in the next larger city with regard to the Prostitution Protection Act.

You act as an independent contractor on your own account and are responsible for the implementation of the arrangement. Please note that this income is taxable according to your prevailing tax legislation. If the customer wishes to receive an invoice, we ask you to prepare this accordingly. The fee quoted includes the currently applicable statutory VAT. Value added tax. If you make use of the small business regulation, you must be registered in accordance with. Β§19 UStG do not show sales tax.

The provision of sexual services, regardless of the channel, must be registered in accordance with the Prostitution Protection Act. When you register, you will receive comprehensive information about your rights and obligations from your local health authority and public order office.

Further information worth knowing

Your profile as TOP position on the start page!

The more interested customers are made aware of you, the greater the chance of increasing the number of your booking inquiries. By placing your profile on the homepage, you have a very good opportunity to increase your visibility. On average, you can expect an increase in visitors of more than 30%.

Under the following link you will find prices, a selection of different packages and the option to book online:

TOP positioning as profile enhancement

As soon as we have received the amount, your profile will be visible on the homepage.

On our advertising platform, the escorts themselves are responsible for their profile and their details. The call girls also arrange appointments and meetings independently with their clients. As the platform operator, we have no insight into the private exchange of messages after the booking request. With an escort agency, appointments and meetings are only arranged through the agency. Prior communication with the escort lady is usually not possible. Hourly rates at an escort agency are usually much more expensive. This is due to the fact that the escort girls have to pay an agency fee to the agency or this fee is added to the booking price.

Your success is our success. We strive to maintain this win-win situation at all times and take care of the marketing success of your profile. In addition, we are always on hand with help and advice. If you are interested in an intensive coaching session with one of our professionals, please send us a message using our contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Do you still have questions?

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