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You can make a non-binding booking request for a desired date and the occasion of the booking directly on the profile page of your desired companion.

If your escort lady has defined this for herself in her individual booking rules, yes. As a rule, he will not accept a booking before then. A picture of your face is completely sufficient. Discreet handling of your images is obligatory, so you don’t need to worry about that.

For the escort lady, your picture serves to ensure that you are a real person. It also underlines your serious interest in making a booking. Your face should be recognizable in the picture; it is not necessary to send full-body photos. With our escort ladies, sympathy alone is the absolute priority.

But yes, in any case, there are no obligations. All escort girls listed on this platform act 100% self-determined and on their own responsibility. They decide for themselves whether or not to accept a booking request. However, you will always receive a corresponding message if a booking is not possible (e.g. due to time constraints).

As soon as you have shortlisted a date or a period for a booking, it is advisable to send your escort girl a booking request. The sooner the better, especially for longer vacation companions.

When sending the booking request, you can already specify a non-binding desired date. If you have more dates to choose from, this is no problem at all. Appointments are arranged easily and personally between you and the call girl.

If you would like to keep this flexibility open on a date, we recommend that you clarify this with your escort lady. This is the only way to ensure that they plan accordingly.

A shortening is possible without further ado. However, this does not lead to a reduction in the previously agreed fee.

Payment & costs

Don’t worry, the request is non-binding and serves to transmit your contact details to your escort lady. The booking only becomes binding once you have personally clarified all questions about your companion and have agreed on the topics, costs and payment.

A booking is made up of the fee, travel costs, hotel costs and additional costs for the date, such as food, drinks and tickets. The fee costs are shown in the respective profile.

Travel costs up to a distance of 25 km are free of charge. Further information on travel costs can be found in each escort profile.

No. Don’t worry, the communication in advance serves to get to know each other, to answer your questions and to coordinate the booking details and is 100% free of charge.

Find out more about this in the individual booking rules of our escorts. We recommend that our escort ladies make an advance payment of at least 20% of the agreed fee plus a deposit. Travel expenses to be agreed.

Our recommendation is always to try to agree on an alternative date sometime in the future. This saves everyone involved a lot of effort, time and money. If, contrary to expectations, this is not possible, the following regulation applies:

  • Travel expenses will not be reimbursed, as this is not expected. that a cancellation free of charge (e.g. for flight tickets) is possible in any case.
  • Deposits to the escorts as a confirmation of reservation are also not accepted. In order for her to keep her time free for you, she may have to turn down other requests. We consider a small compensation for this to be fair.

Have you personally clarified the booking details with your escort lady? Perfect.

You have this option for payment:

  1. Payment on the date

You pay the escort lady the fee directly on the spot in cash. The handling of prior reimbursement of travel expenses or the payment of a deposit as a confirmation of reservation can be freely and individually agreed with your escort lady personally.


The scope of services for occasions and events is described in the respective section. In addition, you will find clear information on the integrated services, such as whether kissing is permitted, in the individual booking rules of our call girls.

Whether business, casual, evening or leisure outfits. Our escort girls look forward to surprising you in the outfit of your choice. Please address your clothing requirements as precisely as possible when making your booking request or specify the desired look directly in person with your companion.

When making a booking request, you have the opportunity to explain your exact date preferences to your call girl.

As a rule, this is not provided for. But just ask your companion. She may offer you a short introductory phase immediately before the actual date, during which you can decide whether or not to go on the date.

As a rule – yes. Please check the profile page of the desired escort to find out whether she offers this booking occasion and what she charges for this service. Please note and respect that our escort ladies are exclusively attracted to the male sex. Only escort girls who can be found under the heading call girls for women also offer their services to women.

Booking a duo date is basically no problem at all. We work together with independent call boys, so that we are happy to provide you and our escort girls with a suitable gentleman.

Discretion & security

We place the highest value on discretion and the protection of your data. Therefore, you communicate directly and without our intervention with your escort lady. Our girls are also trained in how to handle sensitive data.

Every escort girl is informed by us that she must undergo a health test, in particular a current AIDS test. She is responsible for this herself and takes the issue extremely seriously.

The use of condoms is obligatory and absolutely mandatory. Non-compliance will result in exclusion from this portal. Your call girl has plenty of suitable specimens in her luggage.


Yes, of course. When you send the booking request, your escort girl will receive a message and contact you via your desired communication channel.

No. You can ask anything you have on your mind. If your escort lady does not want to answer one or the other question, she will let you know in a very pleasant way.

Yes, absolutely! Every customer has the opportunity to leave a review directly via the respective profile. All reviews are published anonymously.

Whether your escort lady is available for this is best arranged with her personally at the end of the booking.

Meeting point

You can arrange the exact meeting point easily and personally with your companion. We recommend discreetly in your hotel room or at the hotel bar. It is often advisable to meet your call girl in the hotel lobby and accompany her to your room, as some elevators can only be used with prior card approval. A good tip is also to send your lady a photo of the exact meeting point to minimize the risk of misunderstandings.

Yes of course, that is possible. When creating a booking request, you can flexibly specify a booking location. You will then coordinate all further details personally with your companion.

Do you still have questions?

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