At you work independently and completely on your own responsibility.

You are not employed by us, but work independently.

As soon as you are paid for your service, you are liable to pay tax.

You are responsible for complying with these responsible yourself.

We are not allowed to give you legal advice,

This is reserved exclusively for authorities, lawyers and tax consultants.

Below you will find some important information from research!

You are also responsible for compliance!


1. working in Germany


2. working in other countries (e.g. Austria, Switzerland)


3. applies to all call girls who use WhatsApp


Re 1.)

The Prostitution Protection Act

has been since 2017

obligatory for every escort girl (who offers not only accompaniment but also sexual services) in Germany

Since July 1, 2017, the Prostitution Protection Act 2017 (ProstSchG) has been in force in Germany, which also covers call girls registered and / or working in Germany.

We see this law as a protective law and would like to give you some information about it.

The information published here is intended to give you an insight into the law.

We generally recommend that you request appointments regarding your registration under the new Prostitution Act from the authorities in writing via email and have them confirmed.

The Berufsverband erotische und sexuelle Dienstleistungen e.V. (BesD e.V. for short). has covered the most common questions in their F.A.Q’s:

to the ProstSchG:


on the subject of taxes:


Re 2.)

For call girls living/working in Austria and Switzerland

We recommend that you contact the responsible local authorities in writing via email to find out about any prostitution regulations specific to your federal state in Austria or specific to your canton in Switzerland.

It is also advisable to take tax and general legal advice. Clarify legal issues in writing with a tax consultant and/or tax office if you are not familiar with them.

Re 3.)

It is not advisable to use WhatsApp as this messenger is heavily criticized for violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

We say YES to data protection and more secure communication!

The Telegram app is presented in some well-known reports as a more secure communication app instead of WhatsApp (WhatsApp is criticized for hoarding data and thus violating the EU General Data Protection Regulation)

Since the Telegram app is unfortunately still not as widespread or accepted as Whatsapp, we would like to encourage you to get to know the Telegram app to get to know it.

Telegram App
is currently considered one of the
most secure communication apps worldwide

The app is free to install and use and is similar in operation to Whatsapp:
(free of charge for all cell phones)

This app can of course also be used as a preventive measure against jealous husbands.